Salut from France

Favourite French Things, Life in France, Perfume Reviews, Pop Culture

So finally I’ve succumbed to the lure of the blogsphere.  I plan to write about: Life in France from a New Zealander’s point of view living in Sainte Maxime – a stone’s throw away from the like it or loathe it St Tropez.  To be honest living in a different country is great but also has its ups and downs and speaking French at a level beyond pleasantries is not easy, to put it mildly.  Sometimes living here can drive me crazy but on the other hand the landscapes and history are amazingly beautiful and rich plus the proximity to other European countries is heaven sent. Favourite French Things that I love here including food, music, french style, places, pharmacy finds, perfume, movies  …. pretty much whatever takes my fancy. Perfume Discovery has been a crazy obsession for a year now and shows no signs of abating.  I’ve scoured blogs for information, visited some brilliant stores in Paris and London as well as becoming overly familiar with eBay, attended a perfume summer school in Grasse where we were let loose to make our own ‘creations’, and am sniffing away to my heart’s content. Pop culture bits and pieces as well …..